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For those regretful hookups, exes who still turn you on, and makeup sex acts… this is your playlist. This hump day, give yourself the chance to relieve your sexual frustration with your vibrator (or other consenting object) to this week’s bitter boner playlist.

[FUN FACT:] It is totally possible to have a lady- or female-bodied-boner, whether emotionally or biologically. Feeling a hard-on, whether or not you have the typical equipment, is equally legitimate. Also, did you know that the clitoris and the head of the penis are sexual homologues? (hello, Women’s Sexuality…) And, the clitoris engorges when stimulated…which is basically a boner.

Voilà! So if you’re feeling some bitter sexual frustration, why not rub one out on this sunshiney hump day listening to this week’s playlist?:
♫ tune in & turn on…


For this week’s soundtrack for your sex acts we’re gonna switch it up a bit and focus on just one artist.  Oliver Tank is this Australian folky-electronic artist whose tunes set a nice backdrop for nostalgic/poetic/sunset on city rooftops sex or sexual fantasies.  In this weirdo winter, it’s the perfect playlist to set an atmosphere to just let go.  So hit play on his soundcloud page, sit back & see what happens…

Anxious about grades coming out today?  Why not relieve your stress by celebrating Hump Day with PSE!  This week’s soundtrack for your sex acts is a collection of songs dedicated to cunnilingus. I like to think that EATING OUT is to SOLELY PENETRATIVE SEX as THE VULVA is to THE VAGINA: superior. Here’s why: the vagina is the opening you might put things in when you’re having sex or on your period. But the vulva is so much more. It’s home to your clit, your hood, your labia, and your vagina.  So it’s also kind of like EATING OUT : SOLELY PENETRATIVE SEX : : RECTANGLE : SQUARE – more bang for your fuck.  I’m not a math person, but that sounds like a pretty sexy equation to me.* Cheers to the vulva this Wednesday for helping distract us from our grades!  Click the Vulva Goddess below to link to this week’s playlist.

"Goddess," Alfred J. Quiroz

*and to each her/his/their/zir own.