Here is a resource list of previous presentations from PSE members. Feel free to download the PowerPoints by clicking on the links.

Spring 2013
· Non-Monosexuality (PowerPoint)
· Food and Your Sex Life (Prezi)

Fall 2012
· Virginity, Purity, & Sex (Prezi)
· Consent! (Prezi)
· When Sex Isn’t So Sexy: Sexual Dysfunctions the Sexual Experience (Prezi)

Spring 2011
· Eco-Friendly Sex Toys (PowerPoint)

Fall 2011
· HIV/AIDS in 2011 (PowerPoint)
· Feminist Porn (PowerPoint)
· The Evolutionary Need for Female Orgasm (PowerPoint)
· DIY Kink (Prezi)
· Labiaplasty (PowerPoint)

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