Here we have archived PSE-sponsored events that have passed. Look below for galleries, posters, blog posts & reblogs from our events. Enjoy!


SEXtravaganza 2012 · february 27, 2012 – march 1, 2012
Theme: Careers in Sex
Guests: Jiz Lee, Sinclair Sexsmith, Nenna Joiner, Oh My! Sensuality Shop, Not Ready for Bedtime Players
Co-sponsorship: Prism (Nenna Joiner), Feminists of Smith Unite (Sinclair Sexsmith)
Events: Sex Ed Improv Comedy Theatre Performance by Not Ready for Bedtime Players from UMASS; Oral Sex Workshop with Parks Dunlap from Oh My! Sensuality Shop and Kaleigh Ross; Steamy: An Erotic Writing Workshop with Sinclair Sexsmith co-sponsored by FSU; Erotiphobia in Queer Communities of Color Workshop with Nenna Joiner co-sponsored by Prism; Careers in Sex Panel featuring Jiz Lee, Sinclair Sexsmith, and Nenna Joiner moderated by co-chairs Kayla Ginsburg and Elise Smith and co-sponsored by FSU and Prism.
Posters: Design by Hailee Hallahan and Rosie Alig. Click to enlarge.



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