PSE’s Love Your Body project on Valentine’s Day has officially been validated by Emily Nagoski. Thanks for your pic & support!


Thanks Smith’d! Also, remember to get educated about the wonderful speakers who are coming to our event, including Jiz Lee, genderqueer person of color porn star; Nenna Joiner, producer, director, and filmmaker of queer people of color porn and also head honcho of her own sexuality shop, Feelmore510; Sinclair Sexsmith, producer of numerous sex-positive websites and blogs; Emily Nagoski, our one and only Smith-hired sex nerd; Not Ready for Bedtime Players, a comedy theatre troupe from UMASS-Amherst that specializes in sexuality education; and Oh My!, our awesome mother-and-daughter-owned sex-positive sex store in our lovely feminist town. In other words, if you didn’t have an excuse to watch porn, read erotica, or catch up on the sex ed you slept through in high school, now’s your chance to hit up Oh My! or the nearest computer and get on it!


For those of you who don’t know, next week is Sextravaganza, a wonderful week of events put on by Smith’s PSE. Here are some ways to get yourself ready and to celebrate!

Get new undies. I did. Two pairs. One was from my mother. Her Valentine’s Day package included a cheese grater wrapped in 4 socks, and a pair of black lacy panties. No note. I purchased the other pair for myself. They are large and grey.

Napsturbate. Tell your friends you’re going to catch some Zs. Catch something else instead.

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